Fiber-based technology that builds our community.

1000 MB Internet Speed - Now that you can brag about!

Communications that bring family and friends together.

Delivering the best in hometown customer service.

Keep the new business flowing with Fiber-speed Internet.

Get Free HD for one year when you choose a Package!

Helping our schools with super-fast Internet.

Over 300 channels including over 80 in HD!

Giving you the best family entertainment with Fiber TV!

Work faster and smarter with our Fiber-Speed Internet.

High-Speed Internet

Choose High-Speed DSL Internet and reach the world with a click of the mouse. DSL is up to twenty times faster than dial
up. Your connection is always on Рno dialing or waiting. Talk on the phone while surfing the Internet. There’s just no reason not to have it for your home or business.

  • Reminisce about the “big one” that got away or about memorable anniversaries and birthdays;
  • Swap photos of life’s unforgettable moments;
  • Expand your knowledge about a favorite subject;
  • Enjoy music of all kinds;
  • Plan that dream vacation;
  • Shop for the latest bargains.
Choose one of our combined local, long distance and High-Speed Internet packages and you’ll save up to 34% on all these services.

Internet Service includes

  • 1 MB downstream/256K upstream. Speeds up to 8 Meg downstream and 640K upstream are available, call for more information. Individual DSL Speeds may vary.
  • 1 E-mail address and mailbox. (Additional E-mail addresses are $1.50/month.
  • Postini Spam filtering & Virus scanning of incoming only email.
  • 1MB Personal Web space.
  • Your computer needs a Network Interface Card (10Base-T or 10/100 BaseT).
  • You will get one public IP address. If you need more there is an additional cost of $2.50 per IP addresss.

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