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Over 300 channels including over 80 in HD!

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Tune in to Bloomer’s local community channel 19 for area events!




Ever wonder what’s on TV? We have 3 easy ways to find out! Simply press the Guide button on your TV remote for an on-screen viewing of our listings. Click here to view our full-page online TV Guide. You may also click on the ‘Current Listings‘ link on the bottom right-hand corner of any one of our webpages to view the full-page online TV Guide.


FIBER TV UPDATES For help with all of the functions of your new TV system, tune in to Channel 999.    

Repositioned Channels:   The following channels have been repositioned as of February 27, 2018:  TBN Hillsong was repositioned from Channel 80 to Channel 965, WEUX (MeTV) was repositioned from Channel 86 to Channel 89, WEAU (Antenna TV) was repositioned from Channel 91 to Channel 991, WEAU (Heroes & Icons) was repositioned from Channel 92 to Channel 990, WEAU (Movies!) was repositioned from Channel 97 to Channel 80, and WQOW (Decades) was repositioned from Channel 965 to Channel 985.

Click here to download a new channel lineup


Restart TV is available on many of the channels in your Local Lineup – if you missed the beginning of your show, you can restart the program from the beginning – even if it’s already in progress! Restart Channels are indicated by the green and white clock Restart Icon. The Restart Icon can be found in your on-screen Program Guide.


Ever wonder about the costs that make up your monthly TV bill? Because we’re a hometown business, we are invested in our community and our customers. With Network fees dramatically increasing and impacting your monthly bill, we wanted to give you a backstage pass to better understand the economics of the TV business.  Visit to find out more about the costs and fees that make up your monthly bills.


Fiber TV Service provided by Celect Communications, an affiliate of Bloomer Telephone Company.