Fiber-based technology that builds our community.

1000 MB Internet Speed - Now that you can brag about!

Communications that bring family and friends together.

Delivering the best in hometown customer service.

Keep the new business flowing with Fiber-speed Internet.

Get Free HD for one year when you choose a Package!

Helping our schools with super-fast Internet.

Over 300 channels including over 80 in HD!

Giving you the best family entertainment with Fiber TV!

Work faster and smarter with our Fiber-Speed Internet.

Custom Calling Features

Bloomer Telephone simplifies your life with Custom Calling Features. Many of our packages include the following valuable time saving features. Need to know how to use each one specifically? Download our Calling Feature Instructions. (PDF)

Caller ID with Name Keep your life on track as you review the name and number of most incoming calls before you decide to answer. All you need is a caller ID display phone or a simple caller ID box.

3-Way Calling Simplify your life! Arrange your business, community and school plans with one call rather than two! Talk to two different people in two different locations at one time.

Call Waiting and Call Waiting ID Don’t miss important calls, use call waiting alone or with Caller ID and see who’s trying to reach you while you’re on the other line.

Call Forwarding Can’t afford to miss a call or need to stay in touch all the time?
Just activate Call Forwarding and your calls follow you – simply designate a forwarding number and you’ll never miss a call.

Automatic Recall Can’t get to the phone in time? Use *69 automatic call back and the last incoming call is called back easily.

Teen Service Know who each call is for before you answer. With Teen Service
you can have two telephone numbers assigned to the same line with a distinctive ring.

Voice Mail Never miss a call again. And never give your callers a busy signal. Let voice mail record the caller’s message and listen to your messages at your convenience – from anywhere. No tapes, no machines, no batteries, no missing a call. Voice Mail instructions

If you have any problems you can call our office and we will send you a copy of instructions. 715.568.4830

If you wish you can contact us at or via our Contact page.