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Security Coverage Introduces  Fresh Start Service:

When you purchase SecureIt Plus, you can now take advantage of Fresh Start. Diagnose. Remove. Install. That’s right! We will determine if there are any viruses or spyware on your PC, remove the threat, improve start-up speed and then install the new SecureIt product. You are then eligible for the SecureIt Services guarantee.

Fresh Start includes the following:
• Verify the download and establish a connection
• Remove previous anti-virus software
• Check for infections and malicious software
• Terminate and remove malicious software and threats
• Professionally install SecureIt
• Remove any unnecessary start-up items for better PC performance

A manual installation, performed by you, the customer, is also available for the SecureIt services. This installation is supported by SecureIt, but you are not eligible for the SecureIt Services guarantee.

Call our office for the latest pricing and more information about Secure IT.