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Communications that bring family and friends together.

Delivering the best in hometown customer service.

Keep the new business flowing with Fiber-speed Internet.

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DataFORTE is here to save the day.

Your computer or network crashes, taking with it all of the important data and documents you’ve been saving through the years. No need to panic. DataFORTE gives you peace of mind that all of your files are safely secured at an off-site Wisconsin-based data center for retrieval wherever and whenever you need them.

In today’s high-speed, high-tech world, data loss is emotionally and financially devastating. How would you feel if sentimental family pictures or videos were lost forever? How would you cope if a critical company report you had been working on for weeks suddenly disappeared?

With DataFORTE, you won’t have to worry about those possibilities. DataFORTE works with your existing computer hardware and software, covering all forms of data, including irreplaceable photos and videos.

It’s easy to use and password-protected so only you have access to the stored information. And you select the schedule of how often and when your computer files are backed up and saved.

DataFORTE storage capacity comes in 2 GB and 5 GB increments and can be easily expanded as your need for more storage capacity grows.

Call our office today for current pricing and more detail on how to get started.