Fiber-based technology that builds our community.

1000 MB Internet Speed - Now that you can brag about!

Communications that bring family and friends together.

Delivering the best in hometown customer service.

Keep the new business flowing with Fiber-speed Internet.

Get Free HD for one year when you choose a Package!

Helping our schools with super-fast Internet.

Over 220 digital channels including 26 in HD!

Giving you the best family entertainment with Digital TV!

Work faster and smarter with our Fiber-Speed Internet.

High-speed Internet

Choose High-speed DSL Internet and reach the world with a click of the mouse. DSL is up to twenty times faster than dial
up. Your connection is always on – no dialing or waiting. Talk on the phone while surfing the Internet. There’s just no reason not to have it for your home or business.

  • Reminisce about the “big one” that got away or about memorable anniversaries and birthdays;
  • Swap photos of life’s unforgettable moments;
  • Expand your knowledge about a favorite subject;
  • Enjoy music of all kinds;
  • Plan that dream vacation;
  • Shop for the latest bargains.
Choose one of our combined local, long distance and High-speed Internet packages and you’ll save up to 34% on all these services.

Internet Service includes

  • 1 MB downstream/256K upstream. Speeds up to 8 Meg downstream and 640K upstream are available, call for more information. Individual DSL Speeds may vary.
  • 1 E-mail address and mailbox. (Additional E-mail addresses are $1.50/month.
  • Postini Spam filtering & Virus scanning of incoming only email.
  • 1MB Personal Web space.
  • Your computer needs a Network Interface Card (10Base-T or 10/100 BaseT).
  • You will get one public IP address. If you need more there is an additional cost of $2.50 per IP addresss.

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