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Fiber TV – Troubleshooting Tips

We hope you never have problems with our TV service, but just in case, here are few helpful things to try get your service working.  If you need further assistance, please contact Bloomer Telephone Company at 715-568-4830.

An easy solution to problems you may encounter is to re-boot your Set Top Box (STB). Unplug the power cord from the back of the STB for 5 seconds. Plug the power cord back into the STB. Your STB will take roughly 2-6 minutes to reboot.

Why does the LED light on the remote blink, but the component doesn’t respond? Possible Solutions: (1) Try replacing the batteries. You will need two AAs or two AAAs. (2) The component may not be programmed into your remote. See page 5 of the Guide for set-up. (3) The component may not be selected. To do so, simply press the STB, TV, DVD, or AUX button.

Why isn’t there any power? Possible Solution: The power cord may be disconnected. Make sure that the Set Top Box is plugged into a live electrical outlet.

Why isn’t there any sound? Possible Solution: The Mute button may have been pressed on the Remote Control. Press the Mute button to restore the sound and volume.

Why isn’t there any picture? Possible Solutions: (1) Check all cables. (2) If your TV is hooked up to coax cable, the TV may be on the wrong channel. Try going to Channel 3 or 4. Try changing Inputs on your TV.

Why isn’t there any picture or sound? Possible Solutions: (1) The signal may not be reaching your TV. Make sure all the cables are connected properly on the back of your Set Top Box and your TV. (2) Make sure your Set Top Box is turned on and displays a green light. (3) The TV may not be on the right channel to display input. Using the Remote Control for the TV OR for the Set Top Box, make sure the TV is on the correct Channel or the correct Input. (4) After trying solutions 1 & 2 and still no picture, you will need to Reboot your system. To do this, unplug the Set Top Box and plug it back in. It will take up to 2-6 minutes for your system to restart.

Why is the picture distorted? Possible Solution: The TV cable may be disconnected or loose. Make sure the cable is tightened and reconnected.

Why aren’t the Parental Controls working? Possible Solutions: (1) You will need to activate Parental Controls by pressing the Menu button (2) You need to make sure there is a checkmark next to Parental Controls in the Settings option. (3) You need to make sure that the Movie & TV Ratings are listed to your desired content.

Why can’t I adjust the recorded program that I am watching? Possible Solutions: (1) You will need to use the VCR/DVD/DVR controls on your Set Top Box Remote Control. (2) To stop the program, press the Stop button instead of the Exit button.

Why won’t the Menu, Guide, or Info button to work? Possible Solution: Press the STB button located in the upper right hand corner of your Remote. Make sure that it lights up when pushed.

Why does the TV say “No Signal” when it’s on the right channel? Possible Solution: Most likely the TV is on the wrong input. To correct this, do the following: With the TV & STB on, hit the TV button on your remote then the input button on your remote. Keep pushing the input button on your remote until it goes through all the options or until your picture comes back on. If the input button does not do anything you can change the input or source button on your TV by physically changing the channel using the up or down button on your TV box.

Why do I get the message “Video Channel is blocked” when I try to order a PPV movie? Possible Solution: 1) Check your Parental Control settings to determine if the settings are blocking the movie 2) Check your Channel Blocking settings to determine if the channels are blocked 3) The movie may already be playing. Some PPV movies won’t let you order the show once it has begun.

Final Note: In the event of a power outage, your STB should reboot itself. If not, manually reboot the STB as instructed above.

Fiber TV Service provided by Celect Communications – an affiliate of Bloomer Telephone Company.